Wimby (what’s in my backyard?) is an Australian company that connects you with people like you and stuff that you love in your own backyard.

Wimby was founded in 2021 by Sydney based entrepreneur Frankie Quill. Growing up Frankie moved around a lot until she finally settled in Bondi at age 21. In those first months in Bondi, Frankie found it hard to find similar people to connect with and activities to participate in. This inspired her to create Wimby and use technology to connect people to their local community and what is going on in their own backyard. After the last couple of years of increased social isolation wimby’s purpose is to build connections back with our local communities.

In creating wimby, Frankie also found that local artists and businesses needed a platform to promote their works and projects to those close by. We are committed to promoting local artists and businesses and giving them the same access to promoting their services as larger organisations currently have.

About wimby